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Working towards Eagle
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Looking for an idea for an Eagle Service project
Check out this site for several ideas and before and after photos

The national office has released a new Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) No. 512-728.
This is the first update since the April 2017 edition. 
The new Eagle Scout Rank Application Form 512-728 is currently available under "Rank Advancement" on the resources page at:
Scouts and units should begin using the new Eagle Scout Rank Application right away when submitting their eagle packages to the council, but if a scout has begun securing approval signatures using an April 2017 edition, they are not required to start over.
The national office has released a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook No. 512-927.
This is the first update since the October 2015 edition.
The new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook 512-927 is currently available under “Rank Advancement” on the resources page at:
The main thing is to know that the new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook should be implemented for immediate use by all Life Scouts who are beginning the Eagle project process. Any scout already underway and using the Oct 2015 version is not required to start over with the January 2019 version of the workbook. 

The Occoneechee Council has updated its “Life to Eagle guide.”
The December 2018 version is now posted on the Occoneechee Council website under the Eagle Scout tab where there are lots of other useful Eagle resources: 

Merit Badge College
Each fall we organize a Merit Badge College.  We are always looking to add new Merit Badges.  Please contact Merit Badge College Chancellor Tanner Lovelace if you can help.

Eagle Scout Service Project proposal review

The Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, your unit leader and unit committee, and the district before you start. You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927 when gaining approval for an Eagle project proposal. 

The Mawat District review of the Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal is the last step in the approval chain for a proposed project prior to initiation of actual physical work on the project. All other approvals,  by the beneficiary, scoutmaster and troop committee should have been secured prior to district review.

To schedule a district review of your project proposal please contact

Mawat District reviews of Eagle Scout service project proposals are regularly scheduled for every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, 3902 Berini Drive, Durham, NC, (the same day/time that Eagle Scout Boards of Reviews are conducted). This ensures we meet the updated BSA Youth Protection Guidelines of having 2 YPT trained leaders present for a meeting with a scout.

If due to time constraints a Scout needs for an off-schedule review, please contact the advancement team at and an alternative time/date for the review will be sought. But be aware that if your request for district approval is too close to your 18th birthday, it may not be approved in time to allow you to finish planning and executing the project so plan accordingly.

NOTE: Emails to the advancement team email address automatically is sent to multiple registered adult volunteers on the advancement team. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.