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Mawat Merit Badge Counselor Update

posted Jul 6, 2016, 7:06 AM by Jimmy Smedley
Good morning Mawat,

I want to assure you that the Mawat Key 3 leaders and I are aware of the issue regarding many of our merit badge counselor credentials.

Council has the records for the MBCO courses we have offered. We are working with Our DE and council to resolve these issues. No one will have to re-take D76 MBCO. We still have a copy of all the registrations and sign in sheets for each session we have offered. If council has misplaced them, we will give them another copy, and go through our Mawat units line by line if needed to get the records straight.

Please be patient and ask your unit leaders to do the same. We will get this worked out.

What can you do to help?

1.  Check your YP certificate and make sure it is valid and up to date. Some are receiving the message from council because their YP will expire soon, or before April 2017 ( the next renewal deadline).

2.  Make sure you sent in the Occoneechee MBC form prior to April 30, 2016. This is the deadline each year for every MBC to submit that form. We covered this twice in the D76 MBCO class. Council will drop you from the registered list without this form on file each year.

3.  Make sure you have an adult application with the volunteer position of code 42 on file with council. A separate app is required to be a merit badge counselor. This was also covered in the D76 MBCO class. Did you receive your card in the mail from Occoneechee Council indicating that you are a registered merit badge counselor?

4. Attend D76 MBCO class. As stated previously, DE Matt Groseclose and others are working with council to understand what records are missing or not entered into our volunteers training records. We know that this is frustrating, and ask for your patience as we help resolve and clarify the issues.

Please feel free to contact me at
if you have questions or concerns.

Yours in Scouting,
Scott Sublett
Mawat Advancement Chaiman