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2018 Spring camporee Event Guide

April 27-29 2018
Spring Camporee at Camp Campbell
A joint effort between Mawat, Awahili and Shakori Districts
Theme is Vikings

Lets do this THING!
The first edition leaders guide is posted here in the file section lower down the page
It is a dynamic document and will have changes from time to time.

Unit Sign up

Camporee T shirts are available Until April 9 2018
The staff is black and the regular are blue.
If you are running an event you can order a staff T shirt

Event list
As events are staffed it will be noted. once we have enough events staffed the remaining events will be cancelled.
We have so many good ideas it is hard to choose, therefore we will let membership decide which one are staffed and presented at camporee

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Feb 13, 2018, 5:43 AM
Thomas Beach,
Feb 13, 2018, 5:46 AM
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