Upcoming events

This event is being held to promote Scouting and its values of personal growth and leadership skills through adventures in the outdoors.
Or in the case of Explorer's learning about career and life skills
Units will be on hand to speak to you about the focus of their program. From Cub Scout age to those in the first years of college. Scouting has many adventures and much to teach our youth. 
Units are coed in the case of Exploring and Venture crews so both boys and girls can register
Look for more information here as it becomes available
Thank you to Everyone that came out!
Even though it was lightly attended we may have gotten a pack restarted from our efforts.
That you to Freddys steakburgers for bringing us out food, it was great!
The next time to promote you unit will be at our District Pinewood Derby if the planners of that event agree.
Hold the date and we will keep you informed 

Unit Sign up
Troop 405 Matthew Jenks
Hammocks, if possible, or other camping equipment, maybe a dutch oven dessert, and/or something pioneering 
Troop 451 Jim Salamon monkey bridge and GAGA pit
Troop 424 Tony Campione Troop 424 will set up a model campsite (Tent, cooking gear, campfire ring, etc.)
Troop 461 Phil Waters, Probably a reflecting the camping style of Troop 461, ie, backpacking
Girl Scouts local Pines of Carolina Council Glendora Murray-French - Membership Director
We plan to set up STEM and/or Outdoor activities. We have a program van and tent. 
Crew 476 Thomas Beach Model campsite and display table
Troop 412 Robert Stockburger / Ken Pennuto  Planning for up to 3 elevated cooking platforms, created with poles and lashings, preparing up to 3 dishes.
Crew and Troop 476 Jeff Danford. Model campsite with displays of past activities.
Pack activities Eva Lee. Pencile rockets and stomp rockets
Pack 137  Mason Brooks / Gail Hollowell. Ring toss games
Troop 400 Scott Sublet. Canoe and Kayak aquatics
Pack 451 Jeff Harris. rain gutter regatta
Pack 12. Alan Franks. Pinewood derby track

Jimmy Smedley,
Mar 20, 2016, 10:52 AM