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October 4-6 2019
Fall Camporee at Camp Campbell

Theme is Paul Bunyan

Come dressed as everyone's favorite lumberjack for the day

The first edition leaders guide is posted here in the file section lower down the page
It is a dynamic document and will have changes from time to time.

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2019 Fall camporee sign up

Event list
As events are staffed it will be noted. 

All events and theme are taken from Art Ferguson’s old camporee guides he had saved, dating back to 1996

All events and theme selected by Eluwak Chapter Order of the Arrow in consult with the camporee SPL


Event  Unit  Staff Adviser District 
Log walking race 424   Joey
Bucket Brigade      
Cross the snake pit    
Hot bucket of coals

Lashed log race
Hatchet throw 400 Scott Sublet
 Stump Jumpin

Jump the creek

Cross Cut Saw 400 Scott Sublet  
Flapjack Flip 486 Bill Robbins  


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